In the case of defects, the provisions of the statutory warranty apply. Deviating from this:

For entrepreneurs

  • An insignificant defect principally does not justify any warranty claims;
  • The seller has the choice of the type of rectification;
  • The limitation period does not start again if a replacement is made within the scope of the warranty.

If the customer acts as an entrepreneur, he/she will be subject to the examination and complaint obligations under § 377 UGB. If these are omitted, the goods are considered as approved.

If the customer acts as a consumer, he/she is requested to file a complaint about delivered goods with obvious transport damage with the deliverer and to inform the supplier thereof. If the customer (consumer) does not comply with this, this has no effect on his warranty claims.

Complaints due to statutory warranty claims or other complaints can be made under the contact details mentioned in the imprint.

The return and shipping costs for the replacement of defective goods within the scope of the statutory warranty shall be borne by the seller, provided that the customer is a consumer.

Favor Compensation

All claims for damages are excluded in cases of negligence. This does not apply to personal injuries or – in the case of consumer transactions – for damage to items taken for processing. The injured party has to prove the presence of slight or gross negligence, unless it is a consumer business. The provisions on compensation contained in these General Terms and Conditions or otherwise agreed apply even if the claim for damages is asserted in addition to or instead of a warranty claim.