Quels types de verre sont utilisés dans les montres ?

What Types Of Glass Is Used In Watches

All wristwatches have a glass covering that is meant to protect the dial. The type of materials used as the glass covering in watches varies and contributes a lot to the quality and the value of the watch.

Apart from the overall style, many watch enthusiasts also have their own preferences when it comes to the glass covers. Curious to know how the many types of glass covering differ from one another? Read below.

Types Of Glass Used In Watches

Sapphire Crystal.

This type of glass is often associated with luxury as many watch companies use the sapphire crystal on their luxury watches. Sapphire crystal covering can be made from synthetic or genuine sapphire. It is also regarded as scratch-proof. To determine the authenticity of a sapphire crystal, a scratch test is sometimes being conducted during purchase. A mineral glass will scratch if enough force is given but a sapphire crystal will not. 


Acrylic Glass.

This type of protective covering is made from acrylic plastic. Acrylic is durable, lightweight, and flexible. Most fashion watches have acrylic covering. Acrylic glass is very affordable but can scratch easily. Minor scratches, however, can be removed by a watch repair professional. 


Mineral Glass.

This is the most common type of protective covering used in watches. Mineral glass has better scratch protection than acrylic glass and it is impact resistant. Many designer watches have mineral glass as their covering. Minor scratches are also removed by a watch repair professional.


Favor Luxembourg Glass For Wooden Watches

As with any other watch, the glass covering used in wooden timepieces vary. A wooden watch with a sapphire crystal or scratch-resistant glass covering has a higher price point than those with mineral covering. Apart from the overall design and structure, professional watchmakers make sure that each part of the wooden watch is designed to fit one another.

Focusing on quality, Favor Luxembourg offers a variety of wooden watch designs with either sapphire crystal or hardened mineral glass. These two types of protective covering can withstand scratches well, are durable, and can last for ages.