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Watch Wearing Etiquette: How to Properly Use a Wristwatch

For watch enthusiasts, watch-wearing etiquette is very important. Well-crafted watches, after all, are investment pieces to keep.

If you own a luxurious timepiece, you should know how to sport it properly. Understand the rules of wearing a wristwatch below.

1. Wear a watch that suits your style.

Just like your clothes, wear a watch that is in line with your taste and style. Don’t just fall into fashion traps and get something you really want that you can maintain for ages.

2. Never too tight, never too loose.

Your watch should sit comfortably on your wrist. You wouldn’t like to fix it constantly when you are out and about.

3. Never check your watch when talking to someone.

It is against the rule to always look at your watch when you are in a meeting or when you are in a social gathering. You are not just breaking the watch wearing etiquette but doing this can also give people a negative impression of you. Be social and engage with people.

4. Admire someone else’s watch from a distance.

You can look but never touch. Remember, some wristwatches are delicate and it is unethical to ask the wearer if you can touch their wrists to admire their watch.

5. Dark with dark, light with light.

Gentlemen who adore watches believe that it is just appropriate to wear a watch with dark dials at night time and watch with light dials during daytime.

6. Don’t wear the same watch every day.

Make sure to practice watch-wearing rotation by wearing different pieces suitable for a given occasion. You would not wear a dive watch in the gym or a sports watch under a suit.

7. Wear it on the wrist you feel comfortable with.

Traditionally, you should wear your watch on your less dominant hand to protect it from possible damages. Today, there is never really a right way to wear your watch. Choose the wrist that can give you the comfort of movement.